Amora's Birthday!

Here are a few Birthday Pictures. Her birthday isn't until the 23rd, but before she wrecks it with her smash cake next weekend! 

I think that we are in shock it's been a year. It really seems like yesterday that we brought her home. Her coos are still fresh in our mind and her sheepish newborn cries can still be heard in the silent memories.

Her smiles and giggles are still cherished like they were her very first, each and every time. 
 Her big brother loves and protects her daily. He truly thinks they are "best friends" and our prayer is that their love and admiration for one another remain true for the rest of their lives. 
 If the sun didn't shine, her smiles would light the world. 

 Her eyes are the window to her soul... and what a beautiful soul it is. It is filled with love, happiness, silliness, friendship, contentment and pure joy. 
 She holds the world in her hands {and food in her cheeks}. 

She radiates beauty like no other in the world!  

She is giving, she is kind, she is smart!!

She takes in the world around her and observes people. 
We have no doubt that God will use her to do great things! 

She is our EVERYTHING and we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world! 
We are BLESSED! 

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Shake

Meet my new creation... the Dub Lane Signature Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Shake.  Purely delicious! Seriously... one of the best things you will ever drink! MMM! 

If you are looking to satisfy that sweet tooth and stay fit, this is definitely a winner. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Shake

6-8 Frozen Strawberries
3 Ice Cubes
1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Small Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder {I use Jay Robb's}
1 Large Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
{I use Energy First}

Blend, pour into your favorite shake cup and enjoy. 
It's that easy!

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Dub Lane Fitness Challenge #3 AFTER PICS

The before and after pics from the Dub Lane Kettlebell Fitness Challenge #3. With Challenge #4 right around the corner, I thought it was time to share the success of some of the participants in the previous challenge.

I'm not sharing all of the women's photos {that would be too many}, but these are some of the gals that did an outstanding job, both in progress and in group participation.

Starting with the WINNER of the last challenge!

And 2nd PLACE: 

If you would like more information about Challenge #4, check out the Details Here:

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DIY Christmas Ruffle Skirt {Baby Girl}

Oh girls... this was so easy I didn't even take photos along the way I know. Sue me.  It took me about 7-10 minutes total, gathering, sewing and completing the entire thing.

That being said though, I wanted to share in case you lovelies would like to make something similar for your littles.

It began with a pair of Amora's shorts. Clearly it's too cold for shorts during the winter so I knew that I either needed to donate them or up-cycle them. I chose the later of course.

I went to my supply stash and chose a red and green ribbon. The first two that I found were the ones I used. I'm extra creative like that. Be jealous.

I took the bows of the shorts pockets {easy}. With a little snip here and a little snip there, they were off in about .0002 of a second.

After that I simply cut the crotch of the shorts from one side of the inner thigh to the other. Straight line right across. This way I had a Skirt. An ugly one, but a skirt nonetheless.

Next a simple ran a stitch or two from the current seam {on the front of the "skirt"} down the bottom to make a straight line seam.  I did the same for the back. I cut the little excess that was left over so that it wouldn't bother her and look tacky.

I added the ribbon ruffles {I don't use pins, I just gather as I run through the machine}. After that she was done!

See. Easy! Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, but I will make another and take pictures. I'll update this posting with the Tutorial for those of you that want it.

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