DIY Christmas Ruffle Skirt {Baby Girl}

Oh girls... this was so easy I didn't even take photos along the way I know. Sue me.  It took me about 7-10 minutes total, gathering, sewing and completing the entire thing.

That being said though, I wanted to share in case you lovelies would like to make something similar for your littles.

It began with a pair of Amora's shorts. Clearly it's too cold for shorts during the winter so I knew that I either needed to donate them or up-cycle them. I chose the later of course.

I went to my supply stash and chose a red and green ribbon. The first two that I found were the ones I used. I'm extra creative like that. Be jealous.

I took the bows of the shorts pockets {easy}. With a little snip here and a little snip there, they were off in about .0002 of a second.

After that I simply cut the crotch of the shorts from one side of the inner thigh to the other. Straight line right across. This way I had a Skirt. An ugly one, but a skirt nonetheless.

Next a simple ran a stitch or two from the current seam {on the front of the "skirt"} down the bottom to make a straight line seam.  I did the same for the back. I cut the little excess that was left over so that it wouldn't bother her and look tacky.

I added the ribbon ruffles {I don't use pins, I just gather as I run through the machine}. After that she was done!

See. Easy! Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, but I will make another and take pictures. I'll update this posting with the Tutorial for those of you that want it.

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