Amora's Birthday!

Here are a few Birthday Pictures. Her birthday isn't until the 23rd, but before she wrecks it with her smash cake next weekend! 

I think that we are in shock it's been a year. It really seems like yesterday that we brought her home. Her coos are still fresh in our mind and her sheepish newborn cries can still be heard in the silent memories.

Her smiles and giggles are still cherished like they were her very first, each and every time. 
 Her big brother loves and protects her daily. He truly thinks they are "best friends" and our prayer is that their love and admiration for one another remain true for the rest of their lives. 
 If the sun didn't shine, her smiles would light the world. 

 Her eyes are the window to her soul... and what a beautiful soul it is. It is filled with love, happiness, silliness, friendship, contentment and pure joy. 
 She holds the world in her hands {and food in her cheeks}. 

She radiates beauty like no other in the world!  

She is giving, she is kind, she is smart!!

She takes in the world around her and observes people. 
We have no doubt that God will use her to do great things! 

She is our EVERYTHING and we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world! 
We are BLESSED! 

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